We integrate real german
into your marketing campaign.

Generate new customers

Gain new customers by advertising your product with a christmas tree!

Customer Loyalty

Reward your existing customers and employees by thanking them with a christmas tree for their loyalty!


During advent a christmas tree is the most beautiful attention you can pay your customers.

Your Project

Your GOAL is our path!

TimTanne® connects the traditional and modern world! For your christmas tree project we offer a centralised total solution in which all gears mesh seamlessly.

Freshly harvested 5***** Premium Nordmann Firs

Our product

Fresh harvested 5 star premium nordmann fir from sustainable production.

Integration of Christmas trees into your Marketing Campaign

Creative ideas

Innovative integration of the christmas trees into your marketing campaign.

Fir-trees accompanied by your individual Marketing Material in a branded packaging

Your Branding

Our Christmas trees come accompanied with your marketing materials in a personalized box.

Efficient and secure data binding, shipping of digital gift cards, online processing


Secure and efficient data connection, delivery of physical and online vouchers, redeamable via our customer portals.

On time delivery to your requested delivery date

Delivery Logistics

Precise delivery. Your customer decides when your christmas tree is delivered into their living room.

Social Media

We supply suitable content to support your campaign via social media channels.

Common goals

Emotional customer loyalty

Together with you, TimTanne® realises what’s important: Success through emotions. Because nothing is more precious and sustainable than the emotional relationship your customer and employees develop with your organisation.

Increased sales through emotional customer loyalty- and acquisition

Revenue growth

Customers, who connect with your company in a positive way, will recommend you and your products.

together we plan your individual marketing campaign


Not just any christmas tree!

We deliver exclusively hand-selected 5*****Premium Nordmann Firs from sustainable production in distinctive quality.
5***** stand for:

  • shape
  • freshness
  • full volume
  • color
  • long, soft needles

We promise: Our christmas trees are very popular among our customers.

Trust us: TimTanne® is the perfect gift at the end oft he year!

The little one

100-130 cm

The classic one

130-160 cm

The handsome one

160-190 cm

The proud one

190-210 cm

We arrive in good company

Not only our christmas trees are a real eye-catcher. Also everything else is in line with your CI in order to maximise your companies positive impact.


The Packaging in which the christmas tree travels to your customer is designed in accordance with your branding needs. There is plenty of room for your company logo, slogans and so on...


At your request, the christmas tree comes accompanied by your brochures, catalogs and flyers.


Strong trees result in strong beams:

In the north of Germany, our naturally grown world class Nordmann Firs are only harvested shortly before packaging. Therefore ensuring the long lasting emotions you desire.

Appearance and Quality

Every christmas tree we send on its journey, is hand selected. Our clearly defined demands towards appearance and quality together with our regular quality control guarantee total customer satisfaction. For many years we work closely together with trusted partners, who maintain our trees and ensure the quality your customer deserves.

  • are planted and raised with great care.
  • thrive on sunny, nutrient-rich soils.
  • grow at a distance of 1.2 metres to each other to ensure a spacious development.
  • are carefully pruned to ensure they grow into a gorgeous fir in a tight green dress of needles.


We are working in and with nature. Therefore, it is natural for us to responsibly deal with the environment and our natural resources!

  • are regionally grown near our packaging facilities.
  • grow naturally and healthy in sustainable agriculture.
  • live in harmony with environmental and conservational laws.
  • make space for a newly planted tree after harvested.
  • are environmentally friendly packaged.

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Our Company

Get ready to get the matter with us to the top!

Innovation and Hanseatic entrepreneurial culture characterise our actions and are the breeding ground for the partnership with our customers. Around the process of shipping Christmas trees around the world, we offer customised, innovative and creative solutions for companies of all industry taking into account the individual structures and needs.

We are convinced that emotions are what stays and acts - and what is more emotional, than to give someone a beautiful Christmas tree? Our aim is, to make your customers a unique gift on your behalf. A gift, with which your business will be positively connected for a long time.

Jasper Müller

Christmas trees play an important role in Jasper Müllers life. Already in second generation his family is involved in the production of christmas trees. Before he followed in his families footsteps with TimTanne®, he studied agricultural sciences and marketing.

After working for Airbus and T-Systems, he worked as a management consultant and specialized in the fields of IT, process optimization, and data protection. TimTanne® is a work of passion for him, to which he commits all his knowledge and expertise.

Ingmar Brandes

As a true cosmopolitan, Ingmar Brandes is at home in skyscrapers as much as in the forest and has his roots in many countries. From the age of 15 he was schooled in England where he later studied International Management at the University of London.

His career took him to India and finally for six years to China. There he worked as a Management Consultant and taught at the International University of Xi’an. In 2008 Brandes entered Magmetal Enterprises Inc. and led the group through the different stages to international marketability.

As managing director Ingmar Brandes now leads TimTanne® with his entire entrepreneurial know-how in his native Germany towards international success.


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